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Our delivery area is as follows:


West to: Californa Avenue

South to: Diversey Avenue


 Catering Available

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"Our staff will get all your details & guide you as best as they can"


Traditional Pizza

10" = $8.95, 14" = $15.49, 18" = $18.00

V *veggie options

1. Cheese Margherita: shredded mozzarella a.k.a. Just a cheese  pizza"

2. Sauce & Garlic: garlic (no Cheese)

3. Ham 

4. Ham & Mushrooms 

5. Capriciosa: ham, fresh champignons, artichokes

6. Calzone: ham, fresh champignons, side of Pamadoro Tomatoe sauce(only available in 10”&14”) please allow 25 mintues

7. Pepperoni

8. Calabrese: Italian anchovies, capers, black olives

9. Gorgonzola: bleu cheese

10. Hawaiian: Canadian ham, pineapple

11. Sausage  sausage is Fontanini Brand

Specialty Pies

10" = $10.00, 14" = $17.00, 18" = $20.00

V *veggie options

V 20. Queen Margherita: roma tomatoes,  Cherry size Fresh mozzarella balls, topped off with Fresh Organic basil

21. Cacciatore The Savory: ham, pepperoni, bacon, onions, garlic

22. Apart: sausage, white button mushrooms, pepperoni

V 23. Giardinetta: roma tomatoes, wild organic arugula

24. Shrimp: roma tomatoes, shrimp

25. Funghi Rustica: Portabella Mushrooms, Fontanini sausage,onions

26. Capra: goat cheese, wild organic arugula

27. Diavola: pepperoni, sweet peppers, black olives

28. Francese The Egg One: ham, brie, egg

29. Sumpreme: Pepperoni, green peppers, Onions & Mushrooms

30. Greek : feta cheese, peppers, roma tomatoes, black olives, onions

31. Vegetariana: artichokes, corn, peppers, fresh tomatoes, spinach (in quarters)

32. Cheese Lovers: brie, goat, parmesan, and bleu cheeses (in quarters)

33. Tricolore: fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, spinach (made to look like the Italian Flag)

34. Quattro Stagioni: ham, peppers, artichokes, mushrooms (made into quarters)   

35. Verde:baby spinach,mushrooms, broccoli,parmesan cheese

36. La Bianca: (no sauce, no mozzarella) brushed extra virgin olive oil, capers,roma tomatoes, goat cheese, fresh basil & black pepper

37. Pollo Tuscano: Oven baked Chicken, onions, roasted peppers & Feta

38. Fresca: Roma Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and hint of Herbes of Provence

39. Buffalo Chicken: Oven baked chicken marinated in Sweet Baby Ray's Buffalo Sauce, bleu cheese, topped with red onions, drizzeled with ranch

Gluten Free is only available in the 10" size for an additional charge of $4.55 and a bake time of at least 25 minutes. 

Additional toppings/substitutions are extra

Prices do not include the 10.50% city of Chicago sales tax